The HooKHeaD Project

Private Music, Volume One album cover art

Private Music, Volume One

A compilation of unused and orphaned material composed & recorded between 1993 through 1999. Released January 2000.

Saturation (4-track demo)
Nothing Better Than Real - Part I (from NoTW , re-mastered)
Errors of Fornication - Instrumental (from NoTW cassette, vocal-free mix)
Welcome to the Art Crowd (4-track demo)
My Knife, My Life (4-track demo)
E Mah, Eh Pah (previously unreleased outtake from PRoD)
The Flatline (undergrad studio project)
Project for Prepared Piano (undergrad improv)
Project for Analog Buchla One (undergrad studio project)
Project for Analog Buchla Two (undergrad studio project)
Chew Your Muffin Good (unreleased track from Heavy Monkey)
Far Out MIDI Life Crisis (unreleased track from FSMDC)
Mother Bomb (unreleased track from FSMDC)
Year of the Moth (unreleased track from FSMDC)
Kagami Butoh Soundtrack (excerpt), sound design for live performance
Total Time