The HooKHeaD Project


This is the place for orphaned non-album tracks and perhaps some special one-off long-play mixes coming in the future.

Many album pages in the discography section feature the entire album in a streaming player that will go track-by-track with more coming as I update this site. Likewise one can download the MP3s directly using their browsers’ ”Save…” link feature

Brian Eno & David Bryne - Help Me Somebody (Sonic Empathy Remix)
Pepe Deluxé - My Flaming Thirst (A Day and a Nightmare Remix)

I really enjoy doing remixes, and have had a lot of success using the process on my own work, which in turn often surpasses the original composition.

These were created for contests or online promos, which also means these had to be done quickly to hit deadlines that were really tight. I should have known better and let it go, but I also like a challenge.

I was surprised at the amount of extra content that Brian and David provided with their source files. They were the virgin tracks so there was much more to work with. I let all their pickups and fills become part of the piece.

For Pepe Deluxé, I flopped the structure of the original track around and thought myself clever, but it’s almost undetectable. But that's just the warm up. Eventually the mix devolves into an ambient dub-like industrial journey.

I also occasionally drop sketchy work-in-progress or one-off experiments onto Soundcloud.

Work-in-progress tracks for The Grawlix