The HooKHeaD Project

Fortune Smiled, My Dream Complete album cover art
Fortune Smiled, My Dream Complete
A collection of slower ambient instrumental experiments composed between 1995 and 2000. Released January 1, 2000.
I Left, Weakly
The Tightening Begins
Cold Water
Poetry Out of Context
Proper Sleep
Ascension Again
On Opening
Stupid Crying Man
Back Half
Old Wood
Sympathy Bomb (The Leech)
Old Letters
Loving Too Little
Total Time
73 minutes

Composed, performed, and produced by Eric Peacock

Featuring custom synthesizer patches and extensive use of software synthesis, this music centers around experimental drones and slow ambience. Other parts of the album pick up the pace with a sequenced electronic feel.

This is the last release using my original studio equipment.

Artwork & design by Eric Peacock.