The HooKHeaD Project

Concupiscence album cover art
Released August 1996, Recorded 1992-1995
Concupiscence 1.0 (original)
Concupiscence 2.0 (4-track version)
Nothing Better Than Real Part I (Sparse Mix)
Deferred for Various Reasons
AMB I (original)
Total Time
66 minutes

My first album on the Compact Disc format, with each copy burned on blank CD-Rs that at-the-time cost $11 each — in bulk! The album is also an archive of selected cassette based recordings that had previously been unreleased on the Concupiscence cassette release.

The album opens with Concupiscence, a 30 minute live sound-on-sound noise improvisation done in 1993 before I even had a 4-track. It's some of my heaviest material, centering around rhythm and noise loops run through a series of effect pedals with a lot of knob twiddling, all recorded via live overdubs.

The second track is a version of Concupiscence is a “studio“ version done with a brand new 4-track several months later. Despite the similar titles the two pieces are rather different.

Ambient soundscapes culled from early tape experiments round out the disc, leaving the noise behind for softer sounds.