The HooKHeaD Project

Noise Prototype V cassette album cover art

Concupiscence EP (Summer 1993)

Noise Prototype V had generated a lot of leftovers. This stuff sat around until the summer after my first undergraduate year and was utilized on one half of this recording. Again I managed to evolve things making this another personal landmark. This was also the last recording I made before getting a 4-track, so things would change again after this was done.

This was the longest single tracks I'd ever recorded at the time, with one whole side of the tape being dedicated to one track, the first incarnation of the 30 minute live sound-on-sound title track "Concupiscence". I also used acoustic and electric guitars for the first time along with my traditional equipment.

This is really, really heavy but listenable to those that can tolerate noise experimentation. One of my projects that may stand the test of time. Both sides equal 60 minutes of music.