The HooKHeaD Project

Noise Prototype IV cassette album cover art

Noise Prototype IV: Psycho I / Mind Ceremony (Summer 1992)

The last of the original Noise Prototype projects. After recording this I moved away and started college where I used newer technology while also undergoing huge change.

I have a lot I still enjoy about this one, the sound on sound quality being the only major problem. Side A, Psycho I, is heavy noise experimentation, which for the most part really worked well as an emotional creation of a teenage mind entering its next major step. Side B, Mind Ceremony, is lighter and somewhat danceable, more like the "industrial" dance music of the early nineties.

Both sides equal 60 minutes of music.

It's obvious if you look at the dates of this and the previous cassette projects that I was overly prolific during this time. I couldn‘t work fast enough as I remember it, and yet I was pushing too hard and the improvisation side of things didn‘t work well. Time signatures got twisted up and often things would go wrong with software and with the cassette decks I was using to put all this together. That would reflect in the performances more often than not and like any instrument more practice would have helped. Fortunately I still learned something from each and every mistake.