The HooKHeaD Project

HeEnd: The Remixes album cover art
HeEnd: The Remixes
Released on limited edition CD-R October 26, 1998
Saturday Night Amblin‘
Donkey Dong III - Prophet Slacker Dub
Donkey Dong III - El Nino Dub
Rock God Overture
Swell - Beer Break Mix
The Job - Medicare Mix
I Am Jim - Abstract 80's Club Dub
Turbo Dimensional Sound Fuck
Total Time
71 minutes

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This album is remixed material from the self described “jazz butt rock fusion“ trio once known as HeEnd. HeEnd played their own home-built instruments mostly as a live band, but also on a handful of self-produced CDs. The band broke up sometime just before the millennium but two of the three members continue to produce new sounds as Neon Brown.

The remixed material comes from three HeEnd live/studio CD releases: 13, Songs in the Key of Donkey Dong, and Jim‘s Jams as well as some additional material from the vault

This is the second version of this remix project. The first version was lost in a hard drive crash that occurred just as the final tracks were being burned to a CD master. Not being one to give up, this second version was done from scratch after the data loss was overcome. It‘s nothing like the original and quite a bit rougher overall as it was done in a much shorter time period in a much more freeform way. I enjoyed the process despite the substantial challenge of remixing from mixed stereo source tracks rather than multitrack source.