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All Fall Down album cover art
All Fall Down
Soundtrack - Released October 26, 1997. Composed & recorded during October 1997
...All Fall Down
Lullaby Mekanique
Threatening Days
Parallel Egg
Split End
The Pink Behind Me
Total Time
50 minutes

Commissioned by artist LeeAnn Mitchell for her gallery installation "all fall down…" October 26th, 1997 at the Robert Lowery Gallery in Watkinsville, Georgia. This work deals with the loss of LeeAnn’s cousin to AIDS and her emotional reaction when North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms commented that people with AIDS deserved to die. The audio was designed to be continuously looped for the duration of the installation.

As it happened I ended up creating the bonus tracks (2-6) to fill out the CD that was sold along with the show. These tracks are completely reworked collage remixes from A Partial Reconstruction of Days.

The accompanying soundtrack, arranged in long-distance collaboration with Mitchell by Eric Peacock... utilizes a ghost-like chant of "Ring Around the Rosies," recordings of mothers' reflections on sons lost to AIDS, and sounds both from nature and technology. The arrangement is intermittently ominous and soothing; the overall effect of the collaboration calls to mind dim nightmares in which the dreamer stumbles confusedly in the dark, barraged on all sides by flashing lights that both becken and forewarn, and surrounded by sounds simultaneously foreign and familiar.

-Melissa Jane Link, Athens, Georgia

…it was about her cousin, who died of AIDS. She had the windows blacked out, there were telephone poles, she had flashing lights and colored barrels filling the whole space. And Eric Peacock, a former student of hers wrote an intense soundtrack to go with it. And it really affected people — they would come out with tears in their eyes — people who weren‘t even into art. You can‘t put a price on that. That is what art is about. And the thing is, it should be in a museum

-Robert Lowery, April 10, 1998, from an article in the Athens Daily News