The HooKHeaD Project

Discipline cassette album cover art


Summer 1995

Produced as a student independent contract at The Evergreen State College, Discipline is my only recording project that had academic sponsorship.

The music originally was destined to be the original pieces for my first CD, A Partial Reconstruction of Days. But PRoD just wasn‘t happening as I would have liked at the time, so I put that aside and cranked out some MIDI-based sequences that became the core of this tape.

Some of my more slick sounding production and sequencing thanks to my working closely with faculty sponsor Terry Setter. This is my first extensive all MIDI-based project, and the first use of a newly acquired Roland JV-880. I had a hard time working on it while doing a lot of overtime at my summer job, but it came together and stands as a unique learning experience amidst my other work.

This one is 25 minutes of music.